Staff Profile: Kevin Stirratt


Kevin Stirratt, Lead Pastor

Office– 260-724-7729



Educational Background

B.A. Religion, M.A. Theology, M.B.A.

Favorite Movies

Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, VanHelsing, Blind Side

Favorite Foods

Pizza, Mexican, Chinese


Hunting, Golf, Video Production


Written Four books- Foundations, So This is Faith; Manna; A Generous Life.  Manna chosen as the 2010 Denominational Study Book for the International Church of the Nazarene.



I love serving at Common Ground because…

This is a place where people are real.  There isn’t any expectation about what Church is supposed to be like.  People are as comfortable in blue jeans and t-shirts as they are in slacks and polos.  You just get to be yourself.  Oh yeah, and the music ROCKS!

What I bring to the ministry at Common Ground is…

I’m a strategic thinker.  I feel like my 24 years of ministry experience in the church, finance world, and consulting are all being brought together to help our Church  embrace a ministry vision.

If I did anything else besides ministry at Common Ground, I would….

Spend my days hunting pheasant on the plains of South Dakota.